Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well, it looks like summer's over in the Great Pacific Northwet

Not a sunny warm day in sight, according to the weatherman.  Nothing over mid 60's for the next 10 days.  Time to be heading down south to the warm weather.  Got a few more weeks before we can go.

In the meantime, I'm adding more and more items to both my shops.  My Etsy shop is:, and my website is:  I hope you'll take time to stop by and browse around.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I guess nobody told the weatherman that it's still supposed to be summer.  Crying out loud, it's not quite September.  Looking forward to getting back to AZ, where summer means warm (hot) & lots of sunshine.  Won't be leaving here for another month tho because we need to build up the travel funds a bit more.  Meanwhile, I'll just keep makin' jewelry & working with my rocks & glass.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Talk about an easy sale........

Handcrafted Light Blue Dichroic Glass
Wrapped With Sterling Silver

I was going to list this one on my website tonight (, but I had a slight change of plans.  I wore it when I went shopping and a woman said how much she liked it.  I mentioned that it was for sale & she bought it right then and there.  Now THAT's the way I like it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hot diggety

The good weather's back.  We had a few days of clouds & temps in the 60's.  That's hard to take for a couple of people who love AZ.  This isn't supposed to last too long (such is life in the Great Northwet - that's not a typo), but we'll sure enjoy it while it lasts.  Got to make up some really great dichroic glass cabochons & finish up my stone cabs.  They turned out wonderful.  Will try to get some pics up soon.

Hope everyone's having a great week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hope everyone's having a wonderful Monday

Mondays, how I used to hate them when it meant the 1st day of a work week.  Now that we're retired, it means another Saturday in a long stream of them.

Getting a pkg of cabochons ready to ship.  Stupid printer decided to run out of black ink.  Glad I had more. 

Will be spending the day with a girlfriend & we'll be making dichroic glass cabochons.  Then she wants to learn to wire wrap.  Can't get all that in on one day tho.
Hope y'all have a fantastic week!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well, it's Sunday

Another week of my life gone, but what a life.  Fantastic. 

We had one of our granddaughters Friday night & Saturday.  We told her we'd do whatever she wanted that day.  So, we went out to breakfast, went to the pool for a while - she swam but it was too cold for these two old people.  Then we went to play with the animals at Noah Pet Rescue.  She said it was a wonderful day.  We enjoyed it, but the fact that she loved it made it soooo much better.

Today, we'll take it easy, work some rocks & make some jewelry.

Hope you'll have a wonderful day too.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Well, it's 12:00 midnight. The dog just slipped out the door when Terry opened it.  She just got home & I'm heading for bed. 
I've been sharing links with a lot of friends and followers of Facebook & Twitter through #LinkLove.  I hope you'll check them out & trade links with me too.
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Hope y'all have a good night & a great weekend.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Have have really not been good at posting on here.  Just been too busy with so many other things.  My mom turned 90 last week, so we had a big party for her at my sister's place on the Columbia River in SW Washington, near Longview.  I've been adding items like crazy on my website ( and in my Etsy store (  We'll be in Washington at least until the beginning of Sept, then not sure which direction we'll go. Maybe east, maybe south. 

When we head out I'm hoping we can get a rescue Brussels Griffon.  We've had 2 in the past, & they are just the most loving little things.  If anybody knows of one in the Washington area, please let me know. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guess I'll be going under the knife

Turns out I have 50% fractures in 2 vertebrae & a real mess (per the dr.) in my lower spine.  They'll be doing something for the fractures & I don't know what for the rest.  Oh well, the rest of me is more & more of a mess as I get older, don't know why my spine shouldn't join in.

Finally made it to WA.  Took our time getting here.  Stayed in Beatty, NV for 4 days.  I have jewelry for sale in the museum at the ghost town on Ryolite.  Needed to get a few things taken care of & restocked.  Absolutely love the caretakers there.  Suzy & Riley are the best.

Weather in WA is still pretty cold, especially after AZ, but at least we've had some sunshine.  Altho, today is grey & drizzly.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nothing much going on......

Slooooowwly getting ready to head north.  Makes me mad that I fractured one of my vertebrae when I fell.   Makes me move so much more slowly & I have to rest it so often.  Oh well, it's supposed to be in the 100's most of next week, so imagine we'll be outta here shortly.  It's still pretty cool up north, so we really haven't been in a rush. 

I've sold another box of my rock slabs & they need to go to the post office.  I've also sold a box of my cabochons to a wholesale buyer.  That's great because I have a chance to get some sterling silver & 14 KT gold filled wire at a fantastic price.  Since I make wire wrapped jewelry, this is wonderful.  Wire is like rocks - you never have enough. 

My websites are: &  I hope you'll come buy & take a look.  Here are some examples of my recent work:

I'm going to be posting some fantastic opals, fire agates, & tigereye before too long.  I hope you'll come back often.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boy, have I been remiss.......

I have been so bad about posting on here.  Didn't realize how long it's been.  Man! 

Well, we obviously got to AZ with no problems.  Spent some time in Bailey, NV at their hot springs.  Saw a little bit of Death Valley (it's going to take many more stops before we see it all).  Took the tours of Scotty's Castle.  That is quite the place.  The engineering in that place was way before its time.  While we were there, we stopped in the ghost town of Rhyolite.  Very interesting place.  We stopped at the little museum/gift shop & met the people who run the place (Riley & Suzy McCoy).  They are wonderful people & have become good friends.  While we were there, she mentioned she liked the pendant I was wearing (my creation).  Anyway, to make a long story short, they are now carrying my items.  Hot dog!

It's been a busy winter, but it's time to head north again.  Sure hate to leave this place, but it is getting warm.  We've already started having triple digit days.  Just love the desert.  We'll be wandering our way north, no rush as long as we're there by the end of June.  Going to be spending the month of July in WA.  My mom's 90th birthday is the end of July, so we want to be there for that.  Also, can't wait to see our kids & grandkids. 

A few weeks ago, I took a fall & got a compression fracture in one of my vertebrae.  That's kind of slowed me down a bit.  Terry built a bed in the back seat of the Freightliner so, if it hurts too much to sit very long, I can lie down.  I'll be seeing my orthopedist while we're in WA to find out what needs to be done, if anything. 

After we leave WA, we intend to head for CO.  While we both normally dredge for gold, I don't think my back will let me wear the weights that I'd have to wear to stay underwater.  So I'm taking LOTS of stones with me that are ready to be worked into cabochons.  I will be working some fire agates, Australian & Honduran opals, & lots of tiger eye, blue tiger eye, & mara mamba.  Oh yeah, I've got some fantastic labradorite too.  Not to mention all the jasper, agate, & lots  of other kinds of stone. 

Guess that's got us pretty well caught up for now.  I'll make sure I update sooner next time.