Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boy, have I been remiss.......

I have been so bad about posting on here.  Didn't realize how long it's been.  Man! 

Well, we obviously got to AZ with no problems.  Spent some time in Bailey, NV at their hot springs.  Saw a little bit of Death Valley (it's going to take many more stops before we see it all).  Took the tours of Scotty's Castle.  That is quite the place.  The engineering in that place was way before its time.  While we were there, we stopped in the ghost town of Rhyolite.  Very interesting place.  We stopped at the little museum/gift shop & met the people who run the place (Riley & Suzy McCoy).  They are wonderful people & have become good friends.  While we were there, she mentioned she liked the pendant I was wearing (my creation).  Anyway, to make a long story short, they are now carrying my items.  Hot dog!

It's been a busy winter, but it's time to head north again.  Sure hate to leave this place, but it is getting warm.  We've already started having triple digit days.  Just love the desert.  We'll be wandering our way north, no rush as long as we're there by the end of June.  Going to be spending the month of July in WA.  My mom's 90th birthday is the end of July, so we want to be there for that.  Also, can't wait to see our kids & grandkids. 

A few weeks ago, I took a fall & got a compression fracture in one of my vertebrae.  That's kind of slowed me down a bit.  Terry built a bed in the back seat of the Freightliner so, if it hurts too much to sit very long, I can lie down.  I'll be seeing my orthopedist while we're in WA to find out what needs to be done, if anything. 

After we leave WA, we intend to head for CO.  While we both normally dredge for gold, I don't think my back will let me wear the weights that I'd have to wear to stay underwater.  So I'm taking LOTS of stones with me that are ready to be worked into cabochons.  I will be working some fire agates, Australian & Honduran opals, & lots of tiger eye, blue tiger eye, & mara mamba.  Oh yeah, I've got some fantastic labradorite too.  Not to mention all the jasper, agate, & lots  of other kinds of stone. 

Guess that's got us pretty well caught up for now.  I'll make sure I update sooner next time.

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