Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, it's settled.  We'll be out of here tomorrow morning.  Heading south.  A nice leisurely trip, with all the time in the world.  Sounds good, doesn't it?  No schedules to meet & no need to hurry.  Kind of the way we live these days. 

Hope to get a few more things posted on Etsy (, & on my website ( today.  I'll be working on a new line of rings while we travel, so hope to post those when I can get on.  Also a new line of bracelets.  I'm lucky that Terry does most of the driving.

We're kind of long going down the road.  We haul the 5th wheel with a medium duty Freightliner, then haul the pickup truck (with the quad in the bed) behind the trailer.  End up somewhere around 80'.  So if you see something like that, give us a honk.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, we're almost ready to hit the road.  As full-time rv'ers, we have chosen to not "do winters".  As soon as it starts cooling down, we are gone.

We'll be taking a 4 day trip from Seiad Valley in N CA to Quartzsite, AZ, turning it into about 3 weeks as we go.  Hoping to stop for 4 - 5 days in Puckerbrush, NV (population 34).  There is opalized petrified wood around there & I hope to find some.  My husband, Terry, is hoping to get some metal detecting in while I look for rocks.  Poor man never realized he was married to a rockaholic until we retired.  After Puckerbrush, we hope to stop in Parumph, NV for a few days.  A man I talk to on a rock forum has offered to take us to his favorite rockhounding sites.  He has access to some of the most beautiful chrysocolla I have ever seen.  Just can't turn down an offer like that.  Then a stop at Beatty, NV.  They have an rv park built right around a natural hot springs.  We'll be there for a few days.  Terry could spend hours in the springs.  Besides, it's near the Badlands, & I would like to wander around there.  You can no longer collect rocks in the park, but they have some cool stuff in the hills outside. 

Then on to our winter digs in Quartzsite.  Need to head to Algadones (sp?), Mexico.  A store there buys my jewelry & finished rocks, & they need to stock up for the season.  :D  Somehow, I just never seem to have enough time.  Rough life, but someone's got to do it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009