Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guess I'll be going under the knife

Turns out I have 50% fractures in 2 vertebrae & a real mess (per the dr.) in my lower spine.  They'll be doing something for the fractures & I don't know what for the rest.  Oh well, the rest of me is more & more of a mess as I get older, don't know why my spine shouldn't join in.

Finally made it to WA.  Took our time getting here.  Stayed in Beatty, NV for 4 days.  I have jewelry for sale in the museum at the ghost town on Ryolite.  Needed to get a few things taken care of & restocked.  Absolutely love the caretakers there.  Suzy & Riley are the best.

Weather in WA is still pretty cold, especially after AZ, but at least we've had some sunshine.  Altho, today is grey & drizzly.

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